How to Develope ISO 45001 in your organzation ?

PowerTrain would propose undertaking Integrated Management System implementation in 6 (six) distinct phases :


Phase 1              : Initial Review

Phase 2             : Strategic Planning

Phase 3             : Design & Development

Phase 4             : Implementation

Phase 5             : Performance Evaluation

Phase 6             : Audit & Review







Implementing Health and Safety Management  System  requires an Initial Review  to  assess  the  current status of the organization in terms of current ISO 45001 performance. This establishment will be use as a benchmark for the ISO 45001 system development. Furthermore, the initial review will be evaluate the current practices on :

  • Management policy and commitment on OHS
  • Possible mandatory Legal
  • Current practice  on  :  awareness  on  MSDS,  PPE,  safety  at  work,  work  permit, accident, incident, and ill health.
  • Infrastructure evaluation such  as  the  need  on  fire fighting  equipment, emergency tools, PPD, first aid etc.
  • Current others certification hold, such as ISO 9001 and the chance for some system integration on some procedures.
  • Injury and ill  health  prevention  in  organization  including  safety  patrol, unsafe act unsafe condition .







The  findings  of  the  Initial  Review  provide  the  basis  for  planning  the  integrated  management  system. From this, the management together with PowerTrain’s consultant can decide on the scope for the ISO 45001:2018 Management Systems certification.

In practice, the strategic of ISO 45001 Planning phase includes defining the integrated policy, identifying roles and responsibilities of the project team and deciding on actions.


Awareness ISO 45001 Training


The  ISO  45001  training  is  focus  on  understanding  the  requirement  of  ISO  45001,  how  to  fulfill  these requirement and what is the necessary documentation. This training also include the understanding of ISO  45001  best  practice  which  usually  implement  in  the  OHS conscious organization. Detail  of  best practice  would  include  the  OHS  Program,  OHS  Policy, Legal, Emergency Preparedness, Hazard Identification, Occupational Health and Hygiene Practice etc.

All the training result will be implemented during system development phase.



Review Context Organization, Business Process and Context Diagram


Organization is required to define its Context Organization, evaluate the issue in the internal or external and defined its interest parties.


To  review  business  process  as  a  basic  management  mapping  system  that  used  as  a platform  of management system, thus this platform used for mapping the requirement of ISO 45001.


To develop the context organization by integrating the business process, with interest parties and issue related to the interest parties, internally or externally.


Benefits of using this tools :


  1. The management system is develop base on the unique requirement of organization then the requirement of ISO 45001 will follow.
  2. The integration of management system  such  as  ISO 14001  AND  ISO  45001  and  QMS  is highly possible.
  3. The development of risk related to organization.
  4. Maintenance of the system is easy.


Project Team Development


The project team shall be developed for successful ISO 45001 development process. The following team structure will be made :

  1. Management Representative or Process representative

Management Representative is a company representative which ensure the Environmental Management System is implement properly. The other option is Process Representative, as MR is not mandatory in ISO 45001:2018

  1. Steering Committee

Steering  committee  is  a  process  owner  in  organization.  Usually  steering  committee  has  a structural  position  in  the  organization.  Steering  committe  is  ensure  that  the  ISO  45001 requirement is  identified and ensure that these requirement is fulfilled and implemented.


  1. Working Party

Working  party  is  a member  of the team, usually  is appointed  by  steering  committee.  The task  of  working  party  is  to  identify  the  requirement  in  their  process,  identify  necessary document   (level   1,   2,   3   or   level   4   documentation)   and   ensure   the   documentation development and  implementation in their process


Scope Determination and  Policy Development


Scope   of   certification   is   very   important,   this   is   the   boundary   of   certification   until   where   the requirements are applied. The certification scope for ISO 45001 normally is determine by location and sites.  Consultant  will  guide  on  determine  the  scope  of  certification  and  identify  the  important  area (which is the area have highest risk to occupational health and safety). Policy development is a commitment of top management on implementing Environment Management System. The policy might be related to commitment on (but not limited to).


  1. Occupational Health and Safety
  2. Prevention of Ill Health and Injury
  3. Compliance to the legal requirement
  4. Reduce Near Miss


Risk Management


This section is to implementing the Risk Management, HIRADC. This section is  to  identify  the  risk  management  related  to  the  issue  in  the  organization  context  and  identifying significant hazard and develop the risk management process for all the issues and  hazard.



Legal and Other Legislation Requirement


This section is to evaluate the Legal and other legislation requirement. Applicable legal will be evaluate from National level to the District level. Consultant will help to identify which legal and how to fulfill the requirement or to advice on how to make a planning for compliance.


Resources :

  1. Risk Management, HIRADC
  2. Workshop of ISO 45001 Legislation & Other Requirement and Develop Procedure

Objective and Target


Objectives and target is the deployment of the policy. When the organization establish their policy, then the measureable metrics shall  be  establish. This activities will help organization  to  formulate  the objectives and target and deploy to the specific level in the organization.


The program is the real action plan on how to achieve these objectives and targets. This activities will help the organization to develop action plan and specify  the  activities  to  ensure  that  the  established objectives and targets are clear on time line, possible to achieve and suitable enough to the organization.






This phase would design the documented management system which would include :

  1. Establishment hazard area, hazard operation and hazardous materials and the need on use PPE
  2. Establish of job description, and competence standards
  3. Establish Emergency Preparedness system, include but not limited to :
  4. Emergency response Team.
  5. Emergency Equipment Identification, planning and establishment.

This could be include : Hydrant, Sprinkler , First Aid Kit, Emergency Kit etc.

  1. Fire Protection System.
  2. Hygiene infrastructure.
  4. Establishment Measurement System as necessary
  5. Environmental parameter such as heat, temperature, vibration, noise etc.
  6. Safety and health parameter such as near miss, accident, incident and ill health.
  7. MSDS identification and implementation.
  8. Work permit system such as hot work, cold work, LOTO, confined space, working at height, etc.
  9. Industrial Hygiene which may include health examination, industrial hygiene practice, hearing conservation, vision and radiation protection.
  10. Pollution control.
  11. Establish safety at work procedure
  12. Establish system for :
  13. Contractor Safety
  14. Visitor Safety
  15. Purchasing system
  16. Product Design safety
  17. Establish Procedure for Legal and Regulation compliance and updated.
  18. Establish system for documented information.
  19. Development system for non conformance, corrective action.
  20. Development procedure for internal audit system. This system will include the safety patrol system, identification of unsafe act and unsafe condition.
  21. Development safety sign system and campaign. Safety sign will include the sign for hazardous material and hazard area.
  22. MSDS identification and implementation.
  23. Work permit system such as Temporary Storage Area, and Waste management.
  24. Legal compliance need on infrastructure permits and operators permits such as lifting equipment, boiler, pressure vessel.
  25. Developing Integrated ISO 45001 manual.









PowerTrain  stresses  the  need  to  ensure  that   procedures,   systems  and  company   specific guidelines pertaining to OHS regulations and codes of practice are owned by the people who will  work with  them. Irrespective of  the  development  process  employed, management  bears responsibility  for  implementation  and  the  communication  of  the  integrated  management system. The  consultant’s role is one of support and advice;  this can range  from  assistance in devising  a  company-wide  communications  strategy  and  providing  presentation  techniques training to the provision of visual aids, rehearsal facilities, and attending in-house seminars as ‘the technical expert’.


The Program

  • Implementation of OHS Policies, Procedures & Work Instruction
  • Procedure Implementation ‘Walk-Through’




Had  implemented  the  ISO  45001  standard  requirements,  there  is  a  need  to  evaluate  the effectiveness of the system.


In this phase, the consultant will assist the organization to identify areas where there are still gaps in the system performance against the standard. Identifying areas where control limits set can be tightened to reduce cost and set more challenging targets to form a new baseline.


Advice is given on the establishment of effective internal audit procedures. Selected staffs are trained by PowerTrain to be ISO 45001 Internal Auditor, Emergency Drill and the necessary skills are  imparted  to  the  team,  also  conducting  the  “real  audit”  to  enhance  their  capability  to conduct internal audit refer to ISO 45001 requirement.


The overall performance of the internal EHS audits shall then be reviewed by the management for corrective actions and improvements.


The Program

  • Monitor Objectives and Targets
  • Monitor Operational Performance
  • Monitor Regulatory Compliance
  • Monitor OHS Program Performance
  • OHS Internal Audit
  • Emergency Drill



PHASE 6 – AUDIT & REVIEW Introduction

The final phase comprises the review of the documented  Occupational and Health and Safety management   system   against   the   objectives   and   targets   and   to   ensure   that   they   are comprehensive and integrate into a cohesive.


An experienced PowerTrain consultant in the Occupational and Health and Safety field will undertake an independent assessment prior to the Certification assessment in order to ensure that there are no remaining areas of concern.  This gives your staff a ‘rehearsal’ before the actual event.



The Program


  1. Conduct Management Review
  2. ISO 45001 Management System Pre Assessment Audit
  3. Corrective Action after Pre Assessment
  4. Certification Audit
  5. Corrective Action after Certification Audit